“ExoDexa means outside the box and into the game”

Dr. Leah Hanes, Founding Board Member and CEO of Two Bit Circus Foundation

School-related stress is skyrocketing among middle and high school learners

By taking a new perspective on education, we empower students to find and re-define success. Through gamification and interactivity, we keep things light and fun. Research supports this: teens learn better when they are less stressed.

Imagine if every child on planet earth received a state of the art education.

Everything would change. Untapped potential would be a thing of the past. Innovation would abound in every sector and industry. Schools would transform into learner-centered idea incubators. It would benefit everyone. With ExoDexa’s platform and technology, it could even cost less.

What sets successful people apart is problem solving. Successful people figure things out, even when there are no clear instructions. They are creative and open minded.  They try new tools and aren’t afraid to experiment.

The future of Education is open minded and creative. Using innovative educational methodologies, we will create this future. We see school as more than a factory that turns students into graduates. We see school as a space for learners to become problem solvers. We see it as a place where the artist is the rule, not the exception. We see it as adaptable – as adaptable as our learners’ incredible minds.

Noemi Titarenco
Co-Founder and CEO

Creating a legacy for the next generation

Nolan K Bushnell
Nolan Bushnell
Chairman of the Board

Nolan Bushnell is a Silicon Valley legend best known for creating Atari. His early companies were the ground floor for innovators like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He founded Chuck E. Cheese and was recognized by Newsweek as part of the 100 People who changed America. As a father of eight and a grandfather, he’s been passionate about the “education problem” for as long as he’s had kids. He’s refined his ideas for over a decade, and this vision is the foundation for ExoDexa. The original business plan was reworked into the upcoming book, The Future of Education.

Dr. Leah Hanes, Phd
Dr. Leah Hanes
Founding Board Member
Public Education Advisor

Dr. Hanes is a leading education reform advocate and non-profit executive. Her work in the education sector has impacted millions of learners from the United States to Australia. She’s promoted reforms that increase equity and challenge learners to become problem solvers in STEM and beyond. She’s been with ExoDexa from the very start and has guided the curriculum and always pushes for higher standards in education.

Noemi Titarenco

Noemi is a business leader with award-winning experience in learning technology. She taught herself to code as an child disengaged in a failing public school. She worked on game design while she was studying at UCLA and is passionate about New Media in learning.

Get to know us

We love to engage with our community wherever they are. One of our favorite things is to share our thoughts and ideas about education on our podcast. 

Nolan, Leah and Noemi get together almost once a week to chat more about the philosophy behind ExoDexa. You can always catch our newest Video Podcast on the Official ExoDexa Youtube Channel.