How it Works

ExoDexa is the ultimate gamified learning platform that turns learners into passionate problem solvers

First, we learn about their interests

Interest-led learning is proven to be more effective than traditional instruction. By connecting your learner’s interests to the material, we can engage them and keep them genuinely interested. During their learning journey in our games, their interests will guide the way – even facilitators will get a quick debrief on their interests during every session.

We meet them where they're at

We have live in-game learning experiences available for a wide range of time zones and schedules. Learners explore a virtual world full of interactivity where they learn and collaborate with others through project-based learning (PBL). PBL is a highly effective teaching method used at top private schools.

They design their own learning journey

Most learners join 2-3 live in-game learning sessions a week, where they focus on real life skills critical for their success in both college and their career. After their onboarding, they are given full access to our independent learning games and a full schedule of live collaborative in-game learning experiences.

Our platform covers both curriculum aligned-content and extracurricular skill development

Develop Well-Rounded Life and Career Skills:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Teamwork and Healthy Competition
  • Personal Development and Goal Setting
  • Preparing for College and/or Career
  • Entrepreneurship¬†
  • Coding
  • Film Production and Editing Basics

Improve School Performance with content like:

  • AP Physics
  • Business Law
  • History and Government
  • Algebra
  • Logic
  • Biology, including genetics
  • Writing and Storytelling
    … and much more

One Fixed Price

Unlimited Learning

Join our growing user base and experience how ExoDexa makes learning fun and effective

$180 per month

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