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ExoDexa proves that the Metaverse boosts learning outcomes

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Much ink has been spilled over the “Metaverse” and how it will change the internet and humanity as a whole. The term describes virtual worlds where you can interact with other people, online content, virtual objects, and more.

We’re not sure all the predictions about the Metaverse will come true, but we already know that using virtual worlds for remote school experiences is going to be key for education in the coming years.

ExoDexa’s own Project Pods take place inside virtual worlds and have had tremendous results in public schools.

Exploring the Tavern. Learners can talk or type to interact with their peers in-game.
Learners explore the material by interacting with objects to launch videos and try out activities.

Our Results

Before the Project Pod experience, 81% of learners said they liked gaming, but only 62% said they liked school. Over half said they felt bored at school.

Inside the Project Pods, learners explored the virtual worlds and interacted with their peers to collaborate on projects, do research and participate in discussion groups. It’s exactly like doing Project-Based Learning in classroom, but ten times more engaging.

These are the outcomes we saw after 6 Project Pod sessions in the Metaverse:

  • Over three quarters of the learners were confident in the skills they learned in the Project Pod
  • 88% said they enjoyed learning in this medium
  • 91% of learners said they want to do more Project Pods
  • 85% of learners felt confident in their knowledge of standards-aligned curriculum that was covered

When we asked the first groups what they would like to change or see improved in the experience, the only response we repeatedly got is that they wanted to spend more time in the virtual world learning.

The Metaverse hooks the learners: explore the tavern, a dungeon, a swamp, or Story Mountain during the lesson. It’s stimulating and similar to the games they already love.

Project Pods are so effective because they are based on years of research that culminated in the Project-Based Learning.

Project-Based Learning is a methodology that is popular at exclusive schools that employ cutting-edge pedagogy – it teaches to learn by doing, fostering confidence and skills along the way. Most importantly, this type of learning teaches critical thinking, which ExoDexa believes is the most important skill kids today can learn.

“When assessed, learners improved their understanding of the skills covered and were more likely to say they liked school. The biggest improvement? Their confidence.

Applying knowledge in a virtual world and actively engaging reaps many of the same benefits as learning in a real world setting.

We’re going to see a lot of EdTech companies exploring the Metaverse in their offerings, because the engagement and outcomes we’ve seen so far are incredible.”

Noemi Titarenco
ExoDexa CEO

Project Pods are designed to work perfectly on Chromebooks, which are present in almost every US Classroom. Teachers can use project pods as Virtual Field Trips (If you are a teacher and are interested in trying them out – contact us here.)

Parents can get their kids engaged inside Project Pods with an ExoDexa Membership. Apply here for a demo Project Pod session.

ExoDexa is transforming education through gamification, and our results and popularity of this format reinforces how important the Metaverse will be inside schools and EdTech products during the next decade.

We’re excited to be one of the first EdTech companies to bring Metaverse learning to market and measure it’s efficacy.

We are looking forward to further experimenting with Metaverse learning by rewarding learners with web3 tokens they can use to claim rewards both in game and in real life. We believe that when learners are engaged and motivated, they can learn anything.

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