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Preparing for College and Careers Doesn't Have to be Stressful

Our Live Mentorship Program is led by a college and career expert that has helped thousands of kids.

Preparing for college and career can be extremely stressful for two reasons:


The economy and education landscape are changing rapidly and there are more options than ever when it comes to choosing a college and later a career.

Teens are struggling with making decisions and when they do make decisions they struggle to know how to achieve their goal and break it down into manageable steps.


Parents are struggling to share information with their teens either because they don’t know the information themselves OR they know their learner isn’t primed to hear the information from them as parents.

Students seek outside sources to help guide them through the application process. It’s important for teens to have access to quality mentors and resources as they seek out this information.

Is your child 8th, 9th, or 10th grade?
Our program can help.

Research shows that teens who make informed decisions earlier about their college and career path can avoid thousands of dollars of debt. (Source: Our college experts can also help them plan ahead to qualify for scholarships.

Early Highschool is the perfect time for teens to begin taking ownership of their future and to start learning about the opportunities available to them.

As a parent, all you have to do is sign up and let them log on when the Live Session begins. We’ll send you updates and all of the information so that you’re in the loop. You’ll be surprised at how prepared and motivated your teen will be, and how little you’ll have to push them.

What will your kid learn in this program?


College the what and why – An overview of college and why teens should attend, what to expect when applying for schools. This will also explore college alternatives like work-study programs, trade schools, and more as well as ways to fund education.


How to make academics count – Grades are a key metric for college evaluation but so are the types of classes a teen chooses to take. In this session, teens will be advised how to select classes that will matter for their own education and their ultimate goals.


How to tell a personal story with extracurriculars – Teens sometimes translate the competitive college landscape as a need to do more, but our college advisor wants to help teens to build a story that reflects their authentic selves. Choosing the right extracurriculars will be more engaging for teens as they explore their own interests and framing them to schools will make the effort more effective during admissions.


Rank vs Best Fit – Finding what’s right for you. In this topic teens will discover how to discern if a school is the right fit for them. While some schools rank highly they might not have the best program for teens’ interest. Teens will also explore ways to research schools.

Our College and career
expert has helped
thousand of kids

We support teens with insight, experience, and guidance. The live group sessions offer them the space to share their feeling, goals, and experiences.

We use this open space to help students establish goals and create actions plans on achieving them. we support them with taking specific actions like pricing the best extracurriculars or deciding between two potential career paths.

Interactive, personalized and gamified

We meet in ExoDexa’s school of the future, a virtual game world where teens can access resources, share insights, learn from mentors, and interact.

Learning and planning your future should be fun. At least that’s what we believe!

Upcoming Sessions

We run live mentorship regularly, check out our latest schedule by signing up for our platform. It’s FREE and you will have access to our learning game, free live learning and mentorship sessions.

We create amazing learning experiences

We have the most talented teachers and mentors in the world.

We use modern technology to personalize the learning experience

We know kids are distracted by social media and games. We create exceptionally engaging experiences to compete for their attention.

We believe learning should be fun, so we design it to be exciting and interactive.