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Teach teens future proof-skills with our entrepreneurship program

Real-world problem-solving makes kids smarter

Why should your teen learn entrepreneurship?


Learn critical life skills

This program isn’t only about learning how to start and run a business. It also teaches critical life skills that prepare teens for the future, such as problem-solving, communication, ideation and creative thinking skills.


Understand failures are stepping stones on the road to success

Our resilience is built when we face failures. A lot of fast-growing startups went through a lot of experiments and failures to find the right product/market fit. Your teen will learn first handed from our founders about their entrepreneurial journey.


Turn their passion into a business

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life” is true. This camp will teach your teen how to discover business opportunities in their passion.


Practice skills needed to be college and career ready

Many skills and theories covered in this camp are used in today’s business world. Topics such as marketing, pricing and profitability are essentials in building a successful business.

What will your kid learn in 6 weeks?

Each session an important business idea is taught and students use that lesson to apply to their own business or product idea. Students can focus on a specific problem they want to solve or product they want to build.


Week 1: The Triple Bottom Line – Learn about the triple bottom line business concept and understand why business success is no longer only about making profit, but also about the affect on people the society and our planet.


Week 2: 4Ps – Product, Production, Price and Place – Learn how to use the four Ps of marketing to create the optimal combination for your business.


Week 3: Basics of Profitability – Understand how profitability is measured and how it helps analyze financial statements and company performance as a whole.


Week 4: Mission Driven Business – Understand what a mission driven business is and how it gives organizations clarity, direction and focus.


Week 5: Understanding the Business Canvas – Business Canvas is is a strategic management tool that helps us quickly and easily define and communicate a business idea or concept. Your teen will learn how to create one for the business using our template.


Week 6: Presenting Your Own Business – The last part of this program is letting your teen to put what has been taught into practice and build the foundation of their business.

Our Concept

Project-based learning (PBL) is a teaching method that helps student learn by engaging them in real-world, meaningful projects. It is a highly effective teaching method used at top private schools.

During this program, your teen will:

Step 1: Learn about the basics concept of building a business. This includes marketing and pricing and so on.

Step 2: Practice what has been taught in Step 1 and create their own business canvas.

Step 3: Build the foundation of a business, present and pitch their idea.

Interactive, personalized and gamified

We meet in ExoDexa’s school of the future, a virtual game world where teens can access resources, share insights, learn from mentors, and interact.

Learning and planning your future should be fun. At least that’s what we believe!

Upcoming Sessions

We run live learning sessions regularly, check out our latest schedule by signing up for our platform. It’s FREE and you will have access to our learning game, free live learning and mentorship sessions.

We create amazing learning experiences

We have the most talented teachers and mentors in the world.

We use modern technology to personalize the learning experience

We know kids are distracted by social media and games. We create exceptionally engaging experiences to compete for their attention.

We believe learning should be fun, so we design it to be exciting and interactive.