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The Protégé Effect – The Benefits of Peer Teaching

  • Learning
  • 4 min read

Being a life-long learner and having studied for over two decades, I have tried different learning techniques to make my learning effective. One of them is called peer teaching and the first time I experienced it was during my high school years. This science-backed technique doesn’t only reinforce the knowledge by teaching, it also helps… 

7 Universal Study Skills for Online and In-Person Learning

  • Learning
  • 8 min read

The 2020-2021 school year was simply unimaginable, unless you lived through it, to believe all that occurred.  For so many students, parents, and staff, online learning became the new normal for receiving instruction.  Content that previously required daily instruction to master was now taught in short “mini” lessons, with independent work/study time filling the remaining… 

Metacognition: It’s Not Just What You Learn But How You Learn

  • Learning
  • 6 min read

While many types of animals can learn, humans are different in that we can think about our own learning. We can strategize, make adjustments, and evaluate our efforts. These are a few of the skills that have allowed us to advance as a species. These skills are all part of one’s metacognitive skills. Metacognition is… 

How to Praise Your Children to Help Them Become Confident and Mentally Strong

  • Parenting
  • 6 min read

Parents use praise and encouragement to nurture their kids’ self-esteem and boost confidence. Praise is a positive reinforcement strategy we use to acknowledge our kids’ positive behaviors and make them feel good about themselves. In response to this recognition, the child typically wants to continue doing the good thing you praised them for. Praise is… 

Finding Cosmic Passion Through Play: How NASA Astronauts used Simulation Games to Reach the Stars

  • Learning
  • 5 min read

When most people think about playing video games a specific image comes to mind. It often involves basements, teenagers, junk food, and a rotting brain. However, throughout the world games are used to develop skills and practice situations that can only be emulated in a virtual setting. Gone are the days when video games are… 

The Hidden Downsides of Tutoring

  • Learning
  • 3 min read

The Dangers of Tutoring Dependence When tutoring works and grades improve, parents are thrilled. They often sign up their teen for more and more tutoring. It can feel like a magic bullet for poor grades. Sure, it’s expensive, but parents feel like they are getting value for their money. Justin Sung, who has been in…