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Our experienced facilitators get your child ready for life with high-engagement gamified experiences that teach problem solving, collaboration and other critical skills for success.

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Nolan K Bushnell

Nolan Bushnell

Nolan Bushnell is a Silicon Valley legend best known for creating Atari and launching the video game industry. His early companies were the ground floor for fostering innovators like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He also founded Chuck E. Cheese and was recognized by Newsweek as part of the 100 People who changed America.

Dr. Leah Hanes, Phd

Dr. Leah Hanes, Phd

Dr. Hanes is a leading education reform advocate and non-profit executive. Her work in the education sector has impacted millions of learners from the United States to Australia. She's promoted reforms that increase equity and challenge learners to become problem solvers in STEM and beyond.

Noemi Titarenco

Noemi is an award-winning EdTech product leader with extensive experience in AI, Gamification and Web3. Having taught herself to code while she was disengaged in public school, she knows first-hand how important improving education is. She is passionate about giving all children access to the opportunities of the future economy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The ExoDexa Platform offers unlimited learning for $180 a month. Additional learners can be added for an extra $10 fee per learner. Learn more here.

We also offer need-based scholarships. Please contact us directly using the button below to learn more.

The secret to ExoDexa is motivation. Because our learning environments are fun and ever-evolving, they captivate learner’s attention. As educators, we know we are competing with TikTok, Minecraft and a plethora of other games. We take this competition seriously and challenge ourselves to create the most gamified and engaging learning experiences online.

Most kids can’t wait to get back in after their first ExoDexa learning experience.

Learners need a simple laptop, such as a ChromeBook. We have limited support for mobile devices because we find attention and engagement is higher when using a laptop or desktop device.

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