Education is not a game, but learning can be.

The best teachers in the world teach inside our games.

Self-directed. Social. Super Motivating.

Gamified school results in 10x faster learning and unmatched retention

Problem-based learning results in statistically significant improvements in science and math.

Gamification results in 14% better scores on skills-based assessments.
Over 70% of learners say gamification inspires them to work harder.

Gamification has been shown to enhance motivation and improve resilience.

Our Approaches

Self-Directed Learning

We cover all middle and high school subjects up to college-level difficulty. Parents stay connected to what kids are learning and where they are thriving. We'll even send you activity ideas to connect with what your kids are covering in the learning game.
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Live Classes

Class takes place inside a game. They're led by a world-class vetted educator. We sneak in school curriculum into topics kids are naturally curious about. Designed with remote learning in mind.
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Online Mentorship Groups

Our experienced mentors create spaces that promote accountability, responsibility and perspective-taking.
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Why do parents choose ExoDexa?

Fun first: Educational games are only as effective as they are fun. We’ve taken inspiration from games your kids love, to offer gameplay that’ll keep them coming back for more.

Reclaim lost learning: We provide a fresh and fun way for kids to catch-up on missed lessons, without spending more time in the classroom.

More positive screen time: Easy to set up and built to keep kids engaged, Lernip is an all-in-one learning platform where you can be as hands-on as you want to be. It encourages self-directed learning but keeps you involved with regular updates and suggestions.

Boost academic performance: All our games and content are vetted by top educators. Our games will help your kids find joy in learning and improve academic performance.

Strength-based learning: As adults, we pursue careers based on what we’re passionate about and good at. Group mentorship gives kids the inspiration and practical skills they’ll need to pursue their strengths and interests beyond education.

Led by world-class professionals

ExoDexa's team has a strong background in gaming, education, technology and psychology. The team includes Atari's founder, Nolan Bushnell, and Dr. Leah Hanes, CEO of Two Bit Circus Foundation, a non-profit educational organization designed to cultivate the next generation of inventors.
Nolan Bushnell
Executive Chairman & Co-founder
Noemi Titareno
CEO & Co-founder
Dr. Leah Hanes
Advisor & Board Member
Dr. Mark Goulston


Is ExoDexa just another video tutoring platform?

ExoDexa goes much further than tutoring. We transform traditional classroom and online learning into a fun and engaging educational game. Kids fall in love with them, and parents find them effective.

Is ExoDexa right for my kid?

Our services are currently suitable for kids aged 14-18, but we’re working on expanding to younger children. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned.

How much does it cost?

Because you’re free to subscribe to the products that best suit your kid’s own learning needs and interests, prices vary.

Can my kid try the game before buying?

Yes! After sign up, you’ll receive a free 14-day trial. Once it is over, you’re still free to cancel at any time. 

How many learners does the game subscription cover? 

Our game subscription allows one learner. If you have more than one learner in your household, get in touch for a multi-user discount!

How often are the learning materials updated?

All materials and content are regularly updated and exceed the standards of most government curriculums. We also offer 24/7 support.

How does ExoDexa select project facilitators and mentors?

All of our experienced educators and mentors are vetted and background checked.They go through a certification process and trial period to ensure the best eexperience.

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